Polly Mathis

2005 - present
Indianapolis, IN


Polly Mathis was a catch-all project in the mid-2000s. At the helm was Sean O'Neil working collaboratively with different musicians or as a solo
project, writing, singing and playing all instruments. Few songs were actually recorded in this period.
Dance Away  was recorded with the help of Lucky Dragon No. 5.  Sean wrote and recorded it for his bride as a wedding gift, and had the DJ play it during their first dance. Sean wrote and recorded It's Your Name  for his wife's birthday when she was his girlfriend. The backing band here is Hitchhike, Kyle (guitar), Lisa (drums), and Roxell (keys). Everybody jumped in on the backing vocals on this one too.

New songs and recordings are in the works (less lovey-dovey) - so stay tuned.

It's Your Name

Dance Away