2017 - current
Indianapolis, IN

If doves are four friends coming to grips with being in their thirties/forties and crying is a clinging to never letting teenage dreams vanish and a tribute to '90s Sub Pop, Touch and Go, or 120 Minutes videos, then this is what it sounds like when doves cry. 

Jasin Wayne: lead vocals/guitar
Jay Naidoo: vocals/guitar
Aaron Barker: drums
Sean O'Neil: bass/vocals

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Single release soon

Ghost To Show You

released March 1, 2015 

Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by: 
Rob Hailey | Space Kase Recordings | Indianapolis, IN 
Jasin Wayne - Design and Layout 

All songs written by: InCalico 
All Lyrics by Jasin Wayne except "What A Waste", by Jay Naidoo